Paper Bag with application peacock in fashion theme


Today I have a paper wrap from HVS paper from my office. This paper wrap can be behind become paper bag. It can be use for food with oily contents because inside this paper can’t be wet. It has a plastic cover. It also can be use for gift place, you can draw yourself or place some picture from your magazine. Why it so cool? Because in this case outer of this paper bag is white side, so we can make creation on it. We can make this from this picture below.

First prepare empty HVS paper wrap. Open it become a piece of paper. Use colour side become inside and use white side become outside.


Empty paper wrap


Open wrapping paper


Second prepare all things needed and make it become a paper bag with paper glue.


Things needed

Third stick some picture from your magazine or draw it yourself. In this time my paper bag theme is application peacock in fashion. We know most of color combination was born from nature. Plant, animal and so on. Color theory can use for match our outfit, but sometime all colors has a great effect in our eyes. You can see a peacock, a great creation from god.