Medicine Organizer


Medicine Organizer- Today I want to share about my cute medicine box in my bedroom. Sometime people does’t have a work room in their home, they use bedroom to make or repair something. Many kinds of activity do there, look like working with knife, hammer, soldier, nails etc. There is a possibility to get hurt, so we can solve that with first aid box. I make this box from tea box, I want this box like a nori, so I warp this box with nonwoven paper craft.  We can make this from this picture below.

First prepare empty tea box. You can use some box to arranged. This is based your quantity of your medicine. In this case I use one box because I just need a few medicine.


Tea Box

Second wrap our box with nonwoven paper using wood glue, Fox glue is very recommended. We can use hair dryer to make it dry, or we can waiting for 24 hours. For addition we can use an accesoris to put in the middle of box.



After all of box wrap perfectly, we can put our medicine in the box. Addition, i use origami paper inside the box, so it become more colourfull.


My Medicine

Taraa this is my medicine box, do you want to make it? please share it with me anytime. See you in the next post. Thankyou for your coming..


Front Capture


Top Capture