Yarn Organizer


Today I have some garment trash like a long fabric has been sewing. This is things has a good volume to cover my cardboard. I am very busy now, so I can’t organize my yarn properly, I want tidy my yarn, so when I need one of them, i will easy to found it. So this cardboard design hasn’t top cover. So we must prepare scissors, glue gun, garment trash,  cardboard and printing fabric to cover inside cardboard. We can make this from this picture below.

First prepare empty cardboard. You can choose some size based on amount of your yarn. In this case I use 30 x10x 15 cm cardboard. Don’t forget prepare glue gun and printing fabric.


Glue Gun

Second, place glue gun in the outer of cardboard, stick a garment trash on it until all of surface covered well. You can combine a color of this trash. In this case, I have  2 colors. Beside that, if you have thin fabric, it was easy to make some interlacing. Like plain, kepper, hopsack an so on.


Garment Trash (2 Colors)


Front Capture


Blue Box

Third cover inside cardboard with printing fabric, so it can be interesting to combine colors on that. Whola, this is my yarn organizer.. Do you want to make this one, please share with us.


Finally easy to find yarn