Hello World, Who I’am?


Hai everybody, thanks to all my blogg guest give me time to take a look and reading my post. My name is Bilqis, I love writing and exploring. Im very pleasure to meet you. I still study in university and this is my last year.


Im here to tell you about my activities. Some people say that spirit come from writing and share to other people. Yeah it’s work with me, so I will try to make my spirit and share with others. I will explain some unique thinks in my daily activity. I hope it it can be an inspiration for you and some advice for me hear your comments under my post.

Truthly I can’t be specified topic in this blogg but it’s contain will be about my activities look like my post before. Do you ever hear indonesia? Right this is my country with sweet environment. I loved my country because just two season every year. There are rain or sunny. When the weather sunny I always enjoy my outdoor activity, look like explore garden with sweeping old leaves. If it’s rain I will be stay at home reading some book or try new recipe with my mom.

Do you have a pet? Yeah, I do. I like cat, it’s very funny however it can make dirty everywhere. Animal its my faforite object to explore because sometimes they make us understand how is life, how to stay underpressure and how to be a wise people. In my post I ever explain about spider and mosquito. They are small animal but have a big message. In primary school I studied about mosqito, small insect can move our blood into its stomache but I don’t know is it woman insect or man insect? In senior high school I know it was woman. So every insect that take our blood must be a woman right? I try caught when she fly away and make sound near my ear but it was ver hard. She can fly right and left with a high speed because her body its very small however our hand can’t have a same speed with them. But if I try to caught he, because after stole my blood its very easy because her speed decrease. From this case we could an advice to eat before our stomach full because it cause many kind of diseases and not good for our health that make us weak.

That’s all about me and my future post, Please like and comment under my post and see you in the next post. This is my first task from WordPress University, I hope with more study about blogg it make me more benefit for other people.