Paper Bag with application peacock in fashion theme


Today I have a paper wrap from HVS paper from my office. This paper wrap can be behind become paper bag. It can be use for food with oily contents because inside this paper can’t be wet. It has a plastic cover. It also can be use for gift place, you can draw yourself or place some picture from your magazine. Why it so cool? Because in this case outer of this paper bag is white side, so we can make creation on it. We can make this from this picture below.

First prepare empty HVS paper wrap. Open it become a piece of paper. Use colour side become inside and use white side become outside.


Empty paper wrap


Open wrapping paper


Second prepare all things needed and make it become a paper bag with paper glue.


Things needed

Third stick some picture from your magazine or draw it yourself. In this time my paper bag theme is application peacock in fashion. We know most of color combination was born from nature. Plant, animal and so on. Color theory can use for match our outfit, but sometime all colors has a great effect in our eyes. You can see a peacock, a great creation from god.



Yarn Organizer


Today I have some garment trash like a long fabric has been sewing. This is things has a good volume to cover my cardboard. I am very busy now, so I can’t organize my yarn properly, I want tidy my yarn, so when I need one of them, i will easy to found it. So this cardboard design hasn’t top cover. So we must prepare scissors, glue gun, garment trash,  cardboard and printing fabric to cover inside cardboard. We can make this from this picture below.

First prepare empty cardboard. You can choose some size based on amount of your yarn. In this case I use 30 x10x 15 cm cardboard. Don’t forget prepare glue gun and printing fabric.


Glue Gun

Second, place glue gun in the outer of cardboard, stick a garment trash on it until all of surface covered well. You can combine a color of this trash. In this case, I have  2 colors. Beside that, if you have thin fabric, it was easy to make some interlacing. Like plain, kepper, hopsack an so on.


Garment Trash (2 Colors)


Front Capture


Blue Box

Third cover inside cardboard with printing fabric, so it can be interesting to combine colors on that. Whola, this is my yarn organizer.. Do you want to make this one, please share with us.


Finally easy to find yarn


Medicine Organizer


Medicine Organizer- Today I want to share about my cute medicine box in my bedroom. Sometime people does’t have a work room in their home, they use bedroom to make or repair something. Many kinds of activity do there, look like working with knife, hammer, soldier, nails etc. There is a possibility to get hurt, so we can solve that with first aid box. I make this box from tea box, I want this box like a nori, so I warp this box with nonwoven paper craft.  We can make this from this picture below.

First prepare empty tea box. You can use some box to arranged. This is based your quantity of your medicine. In this case I use one box because I just need a few medicine.


Tea Box

Second wrap our box with nonwoven paper using wood glue, Fox glue is very recommended. We can use hair dryer to make it dry, or we can waiting for 24 hours. For addition we can use an accesoris to put in the middle of box.



After all of box wrap perfectly, we can put our medicine in the box. Addition, i use origami paper inside the box, so it become more colourfull.


My Medicine

Taraa this is my medicine box, do you want to make it? please share it with me anytime. See you in the next post. Thankyou for your coming..


Front Capture


Top Capture

Let’s Recycle Our Plastic Bottle


Let’s recycle our Plastic Bottle- In the world many kinds of trash around us. Start from Tissue, Food warp, palstic and etc. We have to talking about platic, it contains polypropylne. It cause very difficult to dispart. So we are as student must pay attention about the world future.

In this occational, i will to give an example about how to recycle plastic bottle became a beautiful pencil case and milk box become beauty cotton case. so Check this out



Prepare All Plastic Bottle that you have collected




Cut carefully head of bottle with knive



So you have many bottle with wanted size.

You can add many kinds of decoration from flower, broken accesoris, Shiny Plastic, other trash or fancy yarn.


you can also use your milk cleanser or face tonic Bottle





Shiny Paper



You can use for Spidol case with red Effect


Milk Box


Use decoratif paper to cover  milk box, so you have beauty cotton case



Paper plastic from coconut water



Unique back side




You can cover the transparant bottle with unique back side off drink water





Or put some half knitted yarn in the side of bottle



or put doll in the outside bottle




or put bottle cap in the outside with cylinder glue





These are our product, so make your art, good luck…