National Seminar for Youth In Daarut Tahuhiid Bandung


National Seminar for Youth or you can say “Seminar Nasional Kepemudaan”  is a pesantren program of college student. This even occurs every year ,yesterday 9th even . seminar has a lot of participant from various education background.




First session filled by Moderator M.Syahbani Nusa  with speakers are H.Abdurrahman Yuri and Ustadz Darlis S.S. start from H.Abdurrahman Yuri usually called Adeda explain about “BAKU” Character , it means “Baik dan Kuat” or Kind and Strong. If we mix this character it will become a great formula. Why? So in other character there are Evil and strong mix together, example people has a desire to get other’s ring become his ring (evil character). He must has a strategy to get  that because he also has a strong character. He wake up early than other to stole ring. Mixing two character become danger for the other people. But how if kind mix with strong character? Example people has a desire to be a good people than before (Kind Character), so he looking for a place where he can get knowledge to change. He talks with succes people, he gathers with people that inspiration in his live and he can motivate him self to act “mission of change better than before”.

Ustadz Darlis tell us about handphone, handphone is very important think in this centuries. Variety of technology can make us choose one the best than others. Start from Apple Pie, banan Bread, Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, ice cream sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kitkat, Lolipop and the last Marshmelow. There are a lot of development for android system operation. But good technology can’t has optimal function even functionless without signal. It same with us, dilligent, smart , rich or popular it not mean without signal or relationship with Allah. We doesn’t get anything everyday without blessing from Allah. How signal or relationship builds? It start from pray or sholat.

Allah give problem to us based on our ability. If we can’t solve the problem, it means the problem out of our knowledge. So we must study for it. Every time, every where we face various problem, but you will be the best person when “You love what you get” (bersyukur). It means accept all condition but not accept our knowledge limitation.

Relax time…

Do you know who’s come??

Edcoustic…great applause heard a minute later…



Really sad, now just a guitarist, kang Eggie without kang Aden. But without him its not decrease our feels to sing great song from edcoustic. The great feels appear when sing “Sebiru hari ini” stand and hold our friend. And the other song Aku ingin mencintaiMu and “Kau ditakdirkan untukku” , Kang Eggie told us about this song, content of this song is about happy feeling from a man after married with a beloved woman. So sweet ya. Edcoustic made in 2002, but the album “Masa Muda” realese in 2004. Edcoustic until now become a faforite nasheed song for young people. Other performent from Nasheed Indonesia are Haris Syafiq and The Jenggot. Then Doorprize time, there are a lot of doorproze from sponsor look like gody bag from alfamart, voucher ponyo restaurant, Trans Studio Bandung Ticket, Voucher MQ Parfum, and many other.



Suddenly, there are an information about AA Gym on the way come to Central Dome 5 pesantren Darrut Tauhiid. A minute later he come to podium. He give us some advice. First about target “who is have a target?” almost all of audience show their hand. Some of them say their target are married, become a benefit people and sucsess people. Aa said they are medium and short target period. Long target period is meet with Allah. If this target clear all world and akhirat target can be follow. Second is willpower(tekad). Willpower need for us to get what our target. Eventhough there are a lot of problem, target must be reach. Aa told us how pesantren Darutt Tauhid face many kinds of problem every stage.

Aa like enterpreunership start from primary school until now, Leadership start from Senior High School and Islam Knowledge start from 24 years old. Then he start to looking for islamic teacher in Pesantren. After that he has a desire to make pesantren with enterpreunership and leadership. Start with contract a place to open majelis study islam called “Bengkel Hati” after that change become “Manajemen Qolbu” finally become Daarut Tauhiid Pesantren.

Daarut tauhiid also face some problem until aa have two wife. For 9 years this pesantren get negative value from many people. But aa has willpower to reach his target, so he doesn’t down and give up. He still spread fact story from al-quran and hadist. He know consequence of his choice. Everyone has right to choice, and this is his choice. Now Daarut Tauhiid still survive with more student from various place in indonesia.

Third about focus. Aa Gym has multitallented skill in enterpreuner, leadership and religious. He choose focus to be way of life. So he can build pesantren and manage it until now. He tell us that people with a few achievement it just has wrong focus or less focus. So we must try to find our tract in what we do in the past and choose one to be a focus. Look like sun focused in lup, so paper under lup will be burn, it’s different with paper under sun without lup. It will not be burn.

Fourth mujahadah. Try to correcting our act. The example, we want to try decrease angry with other perople. One day try to driving nail in chock when angry with the other. Count per day how many neddle do you have. Take neddle after say sorry to them. That the remaining hole in the chock. Think how we can secure injered in heart? It can be our correcting process.

After Sholat Dhuhur, come back with next performent is from duo boys from Its Magic Trans Studio Bandung. Its very funny, its about trict to amuse the audience. They become one of sponsor of this even try to promote new things in Trans Studio Bandung. There are 2 kind of new show, its magic and the book  of the world.

Talk about Allepo…

We collect money for them, in this even we get about 6 million for them. Hope bakry factory will be buld soon. So they condition  will be better. We pray for them..

At second session there are three speakers from young people. First Andre M.Adin player and producer “Cinta Subuh”. He is from IT and his friends from Farmasi, Electro and Law (DAQU Production). They make short story in youtube about general genre. Before the end of his group production, they want make an islamic film it is “Cinta Subuh”. Andre become player in this film because it is an accident, why? There is not a lot of money to get other player, even player in this film just buy with food and transport money. He said film give a big effect for people. Example: There is a country make a hero film as if going they are a hero.


Second is Dian Sukmawan from the Jenggot . Dian is a band player and accapela before make a nasheed grup. His Accapela group is Fathul Ma’wa after that change become Spazi, next become sketsa, change again become nasyid brotherhood and finnaly become the Jenggot. Why? Because two of member have  beard (Jenggot). RAP style ,Hip Hop Syle near with this group. They are confidence to share islam with unic language that young people easy to accept and understand. Beside nasheed, he is a writter skript look like Pesantren rock n roll and Kelas Internasional in NET TV.

Third is Okeu Cahya Gumilang from Tashiru. He is a vocalist in tashiru. Before he become a vocalist he work for bank in Jakarta. He said that music content in the world can’t be control by us, but there is a way to minimalize it. We try to make a new song.

The last Session after Sholat Asar. Last performent from snada and zafrin. After that e have muhasabah with Ust Kemas Mahmud Al Hasyir from Bangka. He is a motivator an teacher. Finnaly go home at 17.30 and get Certificate from this even.

in my opinion every people always do the best in their live. The way to get it is change. Allah told us to change better than before look like tashrif in arabic language. Tashrif is change of word to get a appropriate means from that word. In chapter 5 Tsulasi Mujarod it can’t be fa’il, maf’ul , amar and nahi because this group include fiil ladzim (intransitive). From this statement we can make a conclusion every people has various character or adjective or naat. Its not gonna be change if not get along with work or verb or fiil. So the best change its start from work,  what strategy we have to get a small change become big change. We can’t just judge our character from birth but we can change from work to educate our self until continously best character appear in ourself .  Basically we have kind character, but it depend to how  manage it. Maybe every wost think in the word can’t be stop but to minimalize it we can add positive content with our creation. It same with us, bad side of ourself maybe can’t dissapear from us, but it can minimalize with kind work to make us comfortable in our live.

Thankyou Daarut Tauhiid for today…


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