The Viewpoint of Teacher


Teacher is giving us knowledge, teaches us from dont know until understand something happen

I feels like some year to be in that place. it become my home, my lovely place, my rest room and my reason still study in the university until now. when we sitting in the classroom become a student, it was exciting habit for hear new knowledge from teacher. But sometimes it happen in the other way, meet them (teacher) in the outside of class. They really give spirit and motivation for us to face education in campus, in real live, real industry.

They make us confidence with our self. Although we feel cant do something or cant analyze problem, they trust we can. it really make spirit in our heart. i tries to understand how they do it and try to act like that. i feel better when give advantage for the other people.many kind of teacher type, but i think students feel happy when teacher pay attention with them.

I studies everyday about how to improve teaching skill and how analyze problem. beside that i talked with their parrent about social problem. I understand how to express symphaty, empaty and caring with other people, because we always need each other. sometimes they be a power when i was down. Associate with everybody needs attitude. The Effects from say hello with someone will be good respect from them. Study with teacher and teach other student get along together will make us more understand about what we learn and what we have to do later.


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