Let’s respect west java culture



Let’s respect west java  culture- In 8th June 2015 we have to join workshop about writing Aksara sunda. It was held by BADAN PERPUSTAKAAN DAN KEARSIPAN DAERAH, West Java Province. The Event take place at Jalan Soekarno Hatta No.629 Bandung. Participant of this event reach 200 people from many kinds education. We had studied with Mr. Edi Dolan, he usually caled EDO. It’s funny right, in javanese language DOLAN it means Playing. He was creator caligraphy, paint, and he loves many kinds of alphabet in the world.

First of all we have to learn about aksara sunda, it was really easy because every we have to meet aksara without vowel, it just dissapear with “pamaeh” sign. But it was different when we study about cacarakan sunda, if we meet aksara without vowel, it could be dissapear with “pasangan” . It was same with my study in Yogyakarta some years ago.


The partisipant very anthustiastic to join this event, it can be look from many question after this session. They are from many countries in west java and many kinds of proffesion. Start from Mr. Asep and Mrs.Uun, they are an old couple but they want to study about sundanese. Mr Asep same proffesion with Mr.Edo, they was art creator from java. Mr. Fahri from Sumedang, he was critical person as teacher in Junior High School. And many more.



Photo1106 Photo1107

Facilities of this workshop start from booksheet, pen, pencil, eraser, Lunch, Snack and certificate. So it was enjoyfull for us study with discussion with other participation, it could add our knowledge beside writing methode. In the next year West Java province have an idea to make writing “aksara sunda”, this plan get applause from participans in the end of even. Let’s Respect or “Ngamumule” west java  culture, to be a honest people with neat attitude.


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