Fabric Center In Cigondewa Bandung



Fabric Center In Cigondewa Bandung– Cigondewa become one of fabric center in South Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. There are many kinds fabric, usually comes from factory as reject product or people call it “BS” Below  standard. There 2 kinds of public transportation to go  jalan cigondewa, Ciwastra-Cijerah and Cipatik-Tegalega. You can find some buy method in cigondewa, it can buy based on length or based on weight. The price has many variation based on fabric. We can buy BS Blanket with 40.000 rupiah. Or 3,6$. If we want to buy some garment trash in pieces, it just 35.000 rupiah per kg or 3,1$, but if the fabric not in pieces, it can reach 80.000 per kg or 7,2$.

They sell the fabric in beam or just put it become fabric mountain, it’s really enjoy to shopp there. there are many products in cigondewa start from denim, polo, velboa, kaos rayon, curtain, Chiffon, Printing fabric, batik, Brookat, satin, Twill, spandek, knitting yarn, bordir yarn, ext.

Photo1129Photo1133 Photo1137 Photo1138 Photo1141 Photo1142 Photo1144 Photo1145  Photo1149 Photo1150 Photo1152 Photo1153 Photo1154 Photo1155 Photo1158 Photo1160

Photo1174 Photo1173

in the Morning I look for reject fabric for my fabric evaluation task, it call “Bare”, i tried to walk until the end of the street and it was excited, but little bit tired. Addisional information for new comers, cigondewa have a long street, so my advice you must bring your motorcycle if you don’t want to take a walk.

Cigondewa has been giving us fabric knowledge. Especcialy for textile student. Beauty is the end of fabric procces, if there are fault in process, we know that how high or low of fabric quality must be determinded. Output depend with our skill to plan from materials until become fabrics.

It just not a piece of fabric, but there are many kinds planning behind the process to understand. So it can make us the real textile engineers


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