Wedding party


In Indonesia every people happy to make a wedding party in the woman’s home. Sometimes some of them use a tradition from their region, but now tradition in wedding party begin disappear. Because people like to use the time more efficient, so they make a wedding party become shorter. Just come in, give congratulation to a couple then lunch after that go home.

The guess gives their signature in the guess book in front of door. There are some souvenirs from new couple look like decorative keys, candle, candies ext. the guess also give some gift for new couple look like bed cover, stove, kitchen set, doll ext. nevertheless there are some people give them an envelope (it means money).

There are entertainments for guess. A lot of people choose a music entertainment group. Dangdut song becomes popular genre to fill this case. Guess can join sing a song with them. Enthusiastic of guess is very good because some of them try to move their body during the song that plays up. Some of jargon dangdut are  e…. a 3x or tung pak ting ting joss. This jargon appear in the interval of the song.

Lunch in the wedding party usually use parasmanan method. It means we can take food with our self. When we attend wedding party in every town in Indonesia, they have different tradition each other. But wedding party always bring a couple, guess and crew to the happiness because it’s a important moment in our live.



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