Everyone can be mention have potential when they show their talent to other people in the world. Sometimes some children that have special talent not be develop if they don’t do exercise constantly. That means they save their talents in the base room’s heart. So we can improve our talent right now. All People in the world know who are us and our talent. It can make us happy and proud with our self.

We can start from primary school to join every competition that can build our confident and our mental. We need a lot of book to increase our field knowledge, so we can speak up in front of many people as good as we can. Make a private library can help us to get many things that we don’t know yet.

Many kinds of competition arrange in future list. Look like MTQ, journal paper, scientific text, make a poem, an article, music contest, science Olympiad ext.

Based on everything that we study during building our carrier in competition, we get some knowledge that should be study in Junior high school or senior high school. So, when we upgrade in the formal education after gratitude, we just repeat again what we studied two years ago or three years ago. In the class, lesson can be more interesting for us than before because many things that we haven’t know yet in this world. Success always be our choice in the future. (BF)



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